Ten tips to have you looking great this summer
by Michael Lee Romer
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Michael Lee Romer is the owner of Force Fitness Club at 63-03 Fresh Pond Road.
Michael Lee Romer is the owner of Force Fitness Club at 63-03 Fresh Pond Road.
So let's get down to business because we are about 90 days away from the start of summer and we don’t have time to waste, do we? Here are my top 10 tips to looking great this summer:

1. Eating small meals every two to three waking hours will increase your metabolism and reduce fat storage. Make sure that these are healthy meals containing balanced amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. (Tip: More protein and healthy fat than carbs will create a lean look.)

2. The easiest way to effortlessly lose fat is to not eat carbohydrates three hours before bed. This does not mean not eating carbs. Timing is of more importance.

3. The average "venti"-sized Frappuccino weighs in at 530 calories. This staggering number equals 2.5 bagels or one-third of the recommended daily calories for an average woman. Beverages such as this contain high amounts of sugar and should be consumed rarely since the extra calories they contain are readily stored as fat. Stick with water!

4. During your workouts, do exercise that incorporate compound movements rather than simple ones. This will not only help in burning more calories, but will also tone more muscle at once. A few good compound movement exercises include squats, clean and press, dead lifts, bent over rows, and lunges.

5. Fat-free foods, when eaten in excess, will still be stored as fat. Fat-free cookies and crackers are made up of a whole lot of sugar. Yep, the secret is out! Sugar is just as fattening of a substance than fat itself when eaten in excess.

6. Set goals...very specific goals. Don’t just say, ”I need to lose weight.” Say, “I will lose five pounds of fat in 30 Days.” Then create an action plan to get you there.

7. Pump some iron. Did you know that one pound of muscle burns 30 to 50 calories per day, while one pound of fat only burns about nine calories per day? The more muscle your body contains the more calories you burn each day. Resistance training has been called the fountain of youth, and it really is.

8. Drink a large glass of water before every meal. It may seem like a chore, but drinking a large glass of water before eating is a great way to partially fill you up and prevent you from overeating.

9. You need to eat a large variety of nutrients to be healthy. Try choosing vegetables in a large variety of colors. Whole fruit is awesome as well.

10. Water is needed for every function of your body, including the burning of fat. Drink 16 ounces of cold water as soon as you wake up, before you do anything else. This will kick your metabolism into gear.

Reaching your goal of looking great this summer comes down to consistency. Our society has gotten caught up in low-fat this and that and cardio exercise to lose weight, yet the rate of obesity continues to rise.

Why? Forget the low-fat cake and opt for some good fresh eggs and healthy vegetables. And for Pete’s sake, get off the treadmill and pick up some weights.

Have questions? Email me at noexcuses@forcefitnessclub.com and I will be happy to help you lead a healthy and fit life.

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