These aunts are so good at dressing, simple, casual and natural
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Women's beauty is often multi-level, and definitely not only affected by age, behavior, speech, dress these will constitute an important factor of the overall image of women.

If we start from the aspect of wearing, we can create a fashion aesthetic feeling with a shorter time dimension. Over 60 years of women, can learn from these middle-aged aunt's dress, simple and modern, do a woman of temperament.


Loose sweater

A lot of items will be particularly popular in autumn and winter, wide and big sweaters are one of them. It and the sheet that cultivate one's body are tasted compare, the description to curve lacked a bit strength, but the loose feeling that builds can let a person wear rise comfortable, and create a kind of comfortable atmosphere, build the amorous feelings that gives languid lazy.

This middle-aged aunt chooses khaki loose sweater, its color is very show skin white, also show temperament, but also can turn up the neckline, block the cold wind, wrapped neck, more warm.

For older ladies, although they choose a lot of clothes, but if you carefully consider, fine discrimination, you can find that not every color can make them shine. Contrary, choose to go up in color, cannot follow one's inclinations.

Khaki sweaters, with their obvious softness, can also be classy. Its style composition is not fancy, not complicated, and it is easy to put together. Can cooperate black wide leg trousers directly, between hand and foot, be full of natural and unrestrained demeanor and atmosphere feeling.


Coat should have texture

Many women in their fifties and sixties more or less because of the body, and in the dressing aspect is limited or more challenges, they choose clothing must have high texture, but also do not forget to modify the figure, to be able to show the fashion sense and slimming effect at the same time.

Black long coat, do not need the appearance of the design is gorgeous or expensive full, can present a school of calm and dignified and show the style. What this middle-aged lady chooses inside build is pink, the contrast effect that can build a color with black coat, prevent depressing feeling too sufficient, although cooperate black trousers, also won't appear too old.

Black long money coat is the female absolutely is in qiu dong travel necessary sheet is tasted, its existence won't be out of date, also can let a female wear a very confident elegant demeanour and concise feeling.

In the collocation of black coat, do not be too rule-bound, can often transform the color of the building, to construct a variety of wear, so that your model can often unlock a variety of styles. For example, this dark blue cashmere interior, soft and with a sense of self-cultivation, can create the role of temperament promotion.

No matter how old a girl is, the principle of showing texture in clothes should be integrated into the choice of items. This is to make women do the right thing in the first step of matching clothes, and then present more attractive clothes. For the middle-aged lady of 60, their clothing is to condense a full texture and simple charm.

For example, this gray green long coat, its contour is long, the overall shape shaping can maintain a very high-grade feeling, it is easy to highlight the high-level aesthetic feeling.

When a 60-year-old woman is tired of wearing a black coat, the solution is to change the color of the dress directly. However, the choice of color can not be too random or too arbitrary, can have a goal to choose some solid colors.

Like this long grey-green coat, it's not bright, dull or boring. Drop down version, covering the legs, with white high collar inside take, naturally show a dignified aesthetic feeling and advanced lasting appeal. And this kind of collocation applies to the single article is very simple, the color is not miscellaneous, it is easy to be used for reference by ordinary people.


Wide-leg pants are chic

Dressing should take into account all aspects, besides the color that depends on coat is chosen cannot tread on thunder beyond, of trousers outfit apply also ten million cannot expose the imperfect leg of individual model.

Take the choice of pants outfit for, a lot of people are partial to this kind of sheet tastes the agile feeling that brings, but, not all women can be without scrubs the design that tries tight, the wide leg trousers that contains loose outline on the contrary, ability lets them maintain pair of leg model beautification effect, and show natural and unrestrained beauty. Resemble the trousers of wide leg of this khaki color, the formation of color is not dazzling, also not depressing, cooperate long money coat, have gas field more.

The female of 60 years old, can learn the qiu dong that these a few middle-aged mothers above wear build, each modelling is worth drawing lessons from, each group wears build to be able to show individual mature aesthetic feeling and contracted glamour with a kind of not sedulously, not affectation means. In the selection of trousers, can take some color inclusive high type.

Like these beige wide-leg pants, they can be paired with a chic and stylish look, but can also switch from one style to another. The most important thing is that it is highly compatible with the legs, and with a belt, when the coat is open, it can show off the slender lower body.Read more at: blue formal dresses | pink formal dresses

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