Washington’s New Top Priority
by Anthony Stasi
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Laura Zeilinger once worked for former Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty as deputy director of Human Services. She went over to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness when Fenty lost his re-election bid.

She is now back in city government, having been brought back by recently elected D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Zeilinger has as good a grasp on homelessness – especially D.C. homelessness – as anyone. The issue in Washington, however, is the lack of housing stock in the city.

Fenty was working to build more before he was ousted in a primary. Washington has not done well in this particular area of human services, but city government is now back to making housing a major priority. The mayor is going to have to find a way to encourage development if they want to mimic the success of other cities.

The Lenovo Vindication

About a month ago, I asked my Facebook friends what would be a good laptop choice, since my old Lenovo had died out after giving me seven years of great service. Most of the columns were written on that machine.

Despite all the Mac talk, I went with what I was comfortable with – a new Lenovo. I got a sale price, which I thought was even better.

Lenovo, which purchased the IBM PC label, generally has an older customer base. They are not machines for gaming; they are heavy. But they last a long time, and if you do a great deal of writing they are usually a safe bet.

Recently, however, the company committed the unforgivable sin of installing potentially risky adware onto their machines. Lenovo has addressed the problem by releasing a removal tool. Although the removal tool may work, that is enough to send us older users shopping elsewhere permanently.

My machine was a mess of pop-up junk, which then caused me to write my column on an iPad. Lenovo refunded my money, but a problem like this is enough to do serious damage to a company. Lenovo says it was only installed on their 2014 and 2015 machines. Really! Only the ones made in the last two years?

The company’s aloof response may be enough to put a big dent in future sales. If you have a Lenovo and are experiencing this problem, tell them you do not want to pay their restocking fee of $95 when returning it. Insist on a full refund.

Many PC makers agree to putting adware onto machines, which means they can lower the cost to the consumer, but potentially dangerous adware is a big no-no.

Joe Girardi’s Test

This season is really a test for Yankee manager Joe Girardi. The last two seasons saw the Yankees plagued with injuries. So far, the Yankees are coming to spring training healthy.

But Girardi has drama to deal with, especially with the return of Alex Rodriguez. There are few managers better at dealing with a zoo-like clubhouse than Girardi. But a manager has to ultimately win.

Girardi is best when he is managing young players, and the Yankees got younger this off-season. They have a younger team on average, but it is still anchored with an aging C.C. Sabathia and the fragile Mark Teixeira.

If the team brings up prospects like outfielder/first baseman Aaron Judge and pitcher Luis Severino, the Yankees may become the team Girardi really wants to manage.

The Yankees will not hit their stride until later this season, when they sort through some of the good and bad moves of this winter. When the minor league prospects are ready, the Yankees will be a stronger entity in the American League.

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