Was the mayor being late really that big of a deal?
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The annual Rockaway St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a massive celebration of Irish pride and heritage for a neighborhood that has plenty of it. It’s no surprise that a late arrival and a (hopefully unintentional) ducking of Belle Harbor irked some residents, but it’s a good time to remember: the day should be all positivity.

The mayor’s first duty should be governing. The glad-handing, smiling and baby kissing that’s customarily associated with the office should come after he makes sure the streets are safe, the budgets are balanced and the laws don’t become antiquated.

His excuses will fall on deaf ears on a peninsula commonly referred to as the Irish Riviera.

It’s hard to swallow sometimes, as everything seems personal, but to think he intentionally showed up late after he was (rightly) criticized for showing up late to a memorial for victims of the Flight 587 disaster is ludicrous.

De Blasio knows his popularity precipitously faded after the incident and the communities of Rockaway and Breezy Point represent a large portion of his constituency.

“Worst mayor ever,” seems like an overstatement, when in years past Mayor Michael Bloomberg received welcomes that would make the January ocean water feel like a hot tub.

What didn’t help de Blasio’s cause was how he backpedaled and disrespected the community after being late to the Flight 587 ceremony. It’s clear that there’s a massive distrust after de Blasio blamed fog, then finally admitted a rough night's sleep was at the center of his tardiness. Any time you keep mourners waiting, you definitely screwed up.

In this case a few folks didn’t get a chance to tell the mayor what they think about his first year-plus of running the city. There will certainly be plenty of chances for Rockaway residents to remind de Blasio where they are currently ranking him among New York City’s all-time mayors.

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