Sucker Punch weak, packs no power hits
by Nathan Orians
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What do you get when you mix attractive women, gunfights, and sexy schoolgirl outfits? The movie “Sucker Punch.” It’s a good formula, but it doesn’t make for an engaging movie this time around. In fact it doesn’t work at all.

“Sucker Punch’’ is about a young woman, played by Emily Browning, who gets locked up in an insane asylum by her evil stepfather after the deaths of her mother and sister. Baby Doll, her nick name in the asylum, enters alternate realities to cope with her situation. She envisions a plan for escape, and fights her way to freedom in a dream world, with the help of the other asylum inmates.

It’s worth mentioning that the insane-asylum in which Browning finds herself is full of 18 to 26 year old sexy mental patients. And their doctor also is an incredibly attractive woman. It is by far the best looking ward I have ever seen. (When did the mental patient fetish become okay)?

Director Zack Snyder is known for his special effects and visually stunning movies. Snyder is a big reason why I was excited to see this film, but my expectations weren’t met. The movie is underwhelming and the special effects aren’t that impressive. Some of the dream sequences even appear to be lifted straight out of other movies.

Another disappointment was the soundtrack. Emily Browning’s breathy voice added nothing to the covers of “Sweet Dreams” and “Where is My Mind,” two great songs that don’t need reworking.

“Sucker Punch’s” plot was shaky at best, hard to follow, and hard to care about. I want to call it “Inception syndrome.” If you set a movie within a dream (within a dream) it doesn’t have to make any sense. I won’t put my stamp of approval on this movie, there are a lot of better things you can spend your money on.

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