Once a woman reaches 40 years old, she dresses according to "Four Dos and Four Dons"
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In daily life, many people may encounter this trouble. They have invested time, energy and money in dressing, but they still don’t wear well. In fact, this happens because we have not mastered the skills and just copied the bloggers' outfits.

Summarizing some matching ideas in the process of borrowing from bloggers is an effective way to reduce the cost of trial and error and improve clothing, especially when a woman is 40 years old. In this winter, if you don't have a clue for the time being, then you might as well follow these "four musts and four dons" in dressing, and easily enhance your clothing and temperament!

1. The single product should be classic and practical, and don't catch people's attention

The main reason why most people spend time and financial resources without much gain is that the single product is not properly selected. For example, some so-called popular styles or popular styles with various designs. The design itself requires cost, plus the occasion to wear. Not much, the price-performance ratio is far inferior to the practical and atmospheric classic models.

Especially in winter, whether it is a woolen coat, windbreaker or down jacket, a certain amount of money needs to be invested, which is completely incomparable with the thin vest and jeans in summer.

Taking a coat as an example, whether a coat is classic and practical is mainly reflected in two aspects. The first is whether its tailoring is smooth and whether it fits or not. The upper body effect of the coat that meets this point will be more decent.

The second is the coat color. Choose black, gray, white, beige, coffee or khaki as much as possible to help extend the service life of the coat itself.

Of course, popular colors are not the same as taro purple, pickle green and other colors. Caramel, reddish brown, and rust red are also popular, and they can meet the needs of 40-year-old women.

2. The material should be warm and high-grade, not tough and cheap

Generally speaking, popular models look at the design, most people just buy a style, and 40-year-old women are pursuing practical and advanced clothes, so when choosing a basic model, you must improve the utility of the single product without wanting to have a rough and cheap style. Then first We must start with the material.

The reason is simple. The basic model does not have an eye-catching design. The first thing the public sees is the color and material.

The color is soothing and elegant or the material is high-quality texture, which can help to make the dress level to a higher level and get rid of the sense of passerby.

Moreover, most 40-year-old women value their own comfort more than fancy, like in winter, cashmere, wool, knitted or woolen materials are gentle and warm enough.

Here is a detail to pay attention to. If it is a knitted single product or a bottoming shirt, choose a style with fine stitches, which has a sense of quality and is not easy to appear fat.

3. Be simple and generous, not too complicated

In winter, many people wear clothes and make detours, which are mainly reflected in improper matching, such as spending a lot of time on layering and mixing.

But in fact, fashion does not necessarily rely on these skills, even if it is layered, mix and match, you must know the principle of appropriate amount, otherwise it will only cause bloated and complicated dress, and even grab the charm of the protagonist of the modeling.

The most common is winter coats. Most of the pure-color cashmere coats are simple and high-end, so you should try to keep them simple and avoid matching the style of the coat.

Such as wool sweaters, cashmere bottoming sweaters or sweaters, can be used as the inner coat of the coat, but the color of the inner coat is best to choose the basic color or the earth color system, and the combination with the coat is very harmonious and atmospheric.

Or use an overcoat to combine a blue denim shirt and a bottoming shirt. The addition of the shirt makes the dress a little bit more changeable, but not too overwhelming.

4. Keep warm and comfortable, don’t sacrifice temperature

Many people take detours when they wear them. They also choose some impractical and non-warm items for good looks, or they need to be graceful and not warm with glazing.

You know, the clothes that can withstand the winter cold are most suitable for ordinary people around 40 years old, so that you are still beautiful and elegant in the cold wind, and are competent for daily and commuting occasions.

The most representative way to keep warm is to combine various warm jackets with high-collar and half-high-collar cashmere sweaters, or to combine short boots with straight pants and leggings.

Whether it is a bottoming shirt or leggings, it is a very practical item that does not look outstanding in winter. Using them in daily wear will help keep warm and practical, and make dressing easier.

For example, when wearing straight pants or skirts, use leggings in combination with short boots or loafers, which is warm and temperamental.Read more at: abiti da sera lunghi economici | formal evening dresses uk

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