OK Boomer! AOC sorry for blocking Dov
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We’ve all done it, and none of us – okay most of us – are not proud of it.

You know what we’re talking about. You’re having a bad day and you just can’t take another post from your aunt, who doesn’t have any inkling of social media etiquette, and you take the drastic step of blocking her from your account.

“It’s for the best,” you lie to yourself. You reason that Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas will go much smoother if you limit your exposure to your aunt on social media, and just go back to idle small talk like it was in the good old days before everyone shared every little thought or liked every annoying meme.

Well, you’re not just being selfish, you are also trampling all over your aunt’s First Amendment rights you Communist piece of scum!

At least that’s according to former Brooklyn assemblyman Dov Hikind, who sued Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she blocked him from her personal Twitter account.

Hikind’s lawsuit claims AOC violated his First Amendment rights when she blocked him. We don’t really follow his logic, considering she isn’t preventing him from sharing his views or demand that he be silenced, she just doesn’t want his comments showing up in her Twitter feed when she is trying to pass the time during some boring congressional hearing.

It’s not like she had him blocked from all of Twitter.

Hikind is more than welcome to air his views wherever he wants; as far as we know AOC is not stopping him from exercising those First Amendment rights.

Hikind has legitimate issues with Ocasio-Cortez, but she’s not stopping him from contacting her office, or setting up a meeting with her, or writing a letter expressing his dissatisfaction with her.

She’s not stopping him from attending a public hearing in her district, or any other public event where she can be found.

She is not stopping him from airing his displeasure in any public arena that will have him.

Just like you’re not violating your aunt’s First Amendment rights just because we’re sick of seeing posts about our successful lawyer cousin and the trip he took our aunt on to the Yucatan for her 65th birthday and how his son just got into some fancy private school in Connecticut. Um, we mean your aunt.

Ocasio-Cortez surprised Hikind this week by allowing him to follow her on Twitter again, apparently figuring that was less of a hassle than having to hire a lawyer and go to court to discuss Hikind’s hurt feelings.

And if he wanted to make some ridiculous video portraying himself as some tough guy and promoting his lawsuit and posting that to social media, she’s not stopping...wait, what’s that? He did? Apparently he already did that, and it’s up there for everyone to see. Not blocked at all.

But now that this is settled, we hear that Hikind’s lawyers are in the discovery phase for a lawsuit against the kids who wouldn’t pick him for a schoolyard soccer game in middle school, as well as drafting the paperwork for a suit against a couple that didn’t invite him to a party in 2018 he is just now hearing about from a friend of a friend.
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