Motorcylce beating a setback for good groups
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Good guys like Toys For Tots come to mind when we think about motorcycle groups, but the disturbing video of a man with his family in an SUV being chased and taking a beating at the hands of a motorcycle gang on a Manhattan street might change that vision for a long time.

The viral video posted to YouTube by one of the riders of the incident is quite disturbing, but we bet thousands of drivers this past Sunday witnessed other motorcycle groups antagonizing motorists throughout Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

The centerpiece of this chaotic event was the Youtube video millions have now seen. The video shows two minutes of what must have been pure hell for the driver of the black SUV, not to mention his wife and two-year-old daughter who were also in the car.

It shows motorcyclists stopping on the Manhattan highway, boxing him in, getting off their bikes to confront the man and the SUV peeling off, running over one of the bikers. Then a chase follows, ending with a beating.

It’s terrifying to watch. Anyone can empathize with what the driver of the SUV must have been going through.

But if you were driving on Sunday, you might have seen a large group of motorcyclists driving like thuggish daredevils on a number of major roads in Brooklyn and Queens.

On the most eastern end of the BQE at about 1 p.m., more than 100 menacing motorcyclists were weaving in and out of exit and on-ramps in an attempt to “frighten the heck out of us,” one witness told us.

They were looking for a fight. They were defiant of any traffic rules and they obviously felt empowered by the fact they were in a large group.

If you saw them on Sunday, then what you saw in that video might not come as much of a surprise. The fact that this video was shot and posted by one of the motorcyclists himself is just an indication of how oblivious they were to their actions being criminal.

Motorcycling is a lifestyle, and some of these groups have been doing great things for charity and aren't anything like the notoriously criminal gangs epitomized by the Hell's Angels. But this incident turns back the clock on the views of motorcycle groups, and that’s a shame.

But as one cop we know fairly well says about terrorizing motorcycle groups, “our gang is bigger than their gang.”

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Ol Man o/t Mountains
November 02, 2013
Would that these cowardly sadists on their silly crotch-rockets have come face to face with even one or two of the Hells Angels instead of this one man, woman and baby. Methinks there would have been "nothing to report here." These pathetic punks would not have dared to mess with such as the these. You can whine all you want about the Angels and their "alleged criminal activity" and "brutality" yet they would never, absent a direct threat or blatant disrespect of theirselves and/or their organization, resort to such violence. Much like the "old, traditional" mafia the Angels are some very serious bad-a$$ dudes but they would not mess with civilians and certainly not with one man, woman and child. Here's hoping the next time these crotch-rocket "tough guys" (i.e. whimpering cowards) go on a romp that they come across a Hells Angel or two. I'd pay to see that one!