Gambling it all Away
by MadameRaeRae
 Fabulously Broke
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From left to right: Mary (The Snorer), Antoinette (The Lucky One), Penny (Allergy Sufferer) and Me (The Poodle)
From left to right: Mary (The Snorer), Antoinette (The Lucky One), Penny (Allergy Sufferer) and Me (The Poodle)

I tried to control myself this weekend...really I did, but for some reason the clanging of those slot machines lured me in like a moth to a flame. It was pathetic really, I couldn't control myself. On my free time I would just sit there feeding money into the thing like a hungry baby bird and before I knew it, it was gone. It was like whatever machine I touched turned to a lifeless piece of garbage. I now understand why people get addicted to gambling, I just wanted to hear it clang away, or get those bells to shriek!

Meanwhile my friend Antoinette kept winning without even really trying. She'd get all excited, smiling a self satisfied smile. I could have seriously strangled her since in a matter of minutes I'd lost about fifty bucks. Fifty bucks of my coveted cash which could have been used to purchase alcohol...which I needed after throwing away a significant amount of cash. I forgot to mention that I lost this money on the penny slots because those were the only machines in the smoking section which I appropriately dubbed the geriatric section due to the fact that everyone else in there was about 90 years old. I didn't care as long as I could have a cigarette without standing outside in the humidity which made my hair frizz up so bad I looked like a highlighted poodle.

Aside from that before I even got to AC I spent twenty bucks on gas. Understandable since Mary and Penny were doing the driving. Doing AC on a pauper's budget wasn't easy but I managed.

I mean come on! Who wants to practice self control when you're in a place where you're supposed to completely forget about practicality and just go for it? I didn't want too, hell I would have jumped into the indoor pool at Harrah's in my high heels and fancy pants if I was drunk enough. If you're looking for decent male companionship I would steer clear of The Pool. Every single guy there was a vulture circling around readily available chunks of meat. At one point a guy literally licked his lips before approaching Penny for a dance, like he was getting ready to lap her up like a puppy waiting for dinner.

I wasn't drunk enough mostly because I didn't have the money to get completely trashed. Being that wasted would have made sleeping in a moldy bedroom with one friend who snored loud enough to wake the dead so much easier. I am not going to name the said snorer...MARY.

OH and another thing about the moldy bedroom, which caused Penny to nearly claw her own perfect nose off her face due to the allergic reaction she was having, it was $400! That's pure robbery! I mean the mold growing on the shower ceiling could have been its own country.

Truthfully I did have a really good time even if I was creeped out, trying to avoid mold spores and lost all my money on the penny slots. I could have fun sitting in my backyard with a glass of wine if my friends are there. My next adventure? Trying not to spend any money until I go on vacation...HA yeah right.


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