Five tips to improve your fashion sense for winter
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In winter, the majority of 40-year-old women prefer a simple and elegant way of dressing, with little difference in the choice of items, such as coat, suit, cotton jacket, pipe pants, jeans or leggings.

So is there a way to look smarter than everyone else? The answer is yes! Winter five tips to improve fashion sense, simple, practical and elegant, worth 40 years old women learn from, let's take a look!

One, show ankle fashion agile

The biggest characteristic of winter clothing is three layers outside the three layers, most people will wrap themselves tightly, then if with the help of revealing ankle skills to appropriate skin, there is no doubt that can improve the eye absorption index.

There are a lot of ways for you to draw lessons from about revealing ankle, the most common is to choose nine minutes pants, such as nine minutes cigarette pipe pants, nine minutes jeans or nine minutes wide leg pants, these pants from the effect of showing ankle, need not spend too much idea.

The second is to reveal a section of ankle area through rolling trouser legs, equally simple and convenient, but trouser legs should not be rolled too many layers, one to two layers can, that is, just show the ankle position.

Show ankle simple good operation, basically not how laborious, but need to notice a few details. For example, if you can't choose a pair of shoes, try long, lean sneakers, small white shoes, pointy toes or furry loafers.

Secondly, when nine-minute pants are matched with sweaters, hoodies and short jackets, it is recommended to choose large straight pants or wide-leg pants. If a long coat is combined, it is recommended to consider cigarette pipe pants and small straight pants.

2. Wear your coat open

If you want to be more stylish than others in winter, you need to pay attention to some overlooked issues, such as the way you wear your coat.

Most people use the waist or buckle when wearing coats. In fact, for some of the thick and fluffy coats in their own styles, the open-style wear method has more advantages in optimizing the proportion of the figure and promoting the sense of fashion.

For example, a down coat, woolen coat, cashmere coat or lamb coat can be worn freely and easily.

Similarly, there are wool suits, used for commuting occasions, not too strict dress requirements, might as well use the open wear method to avoid uniform dress, easily break the dress formality.

But when open wear, need to pay special attention to inside take and bottom outfit, inside take should be decent and simple, bottom outfit should choose high waist money, make a foreign minister inside short dress effect.

Three, create a high-level sense of color

In their forties, most people want to accentuate themselves with simple and intellectual clothes, rather than standout outfits.

On this point, the simplest is to start with color, for example, ditch some colorful strange clothes, choose more introspect black, gray, white, beige or oatmeal, advanced and textured.

In terms of color matching, the same color system and adjacent color matching method are adopted to make the color matching more coherent, natural and fashionable.

For the 40 year old woman who likes gentle temperament wind, winter can try "cream white", this kind of color is quiet and soft and shows temperament clean, simple and easy to match colors, using the same color to build a method is very advanced and gentle.

However, when you wear it, you need to pay attention to the comparison of single product version, generally follow the panasonic tight, short and long.

Four, raise waist line

If we want to create focus for our outfits after 40, we can also start with the position of the waist line.

For example, when dressing, try to raise the waist line, which can effectively prevent loose clothes. Notable is, drive up lumbar line is not light have the aid of girdle is ok, what pay attention to languid is lazy and optional atmosphere feels even is built.

General more recommend the way that fills bottom place at will to make lumbar line position moves up, appearing inattentive in delicate feeling.

Five, shoes play a supporting effect

After the age of 40, in the winter wear if we just take shoes as an insignificant existence, then the style is easy to lack of fashion sense.

In many cases, shoes are more like auxiliary items in the style, or even the finishing touch. They need to be selected according to the collocation, so that shoes can improve the temperament.

When wearing small foot pants, leggings for instance, recommend combination short boots or knee boots, make a big long leg, grab an eye and fashionable.

If you like the gentle fashion of Korean style, then you might as well choose wool shoes or wool loafers, wool wool material is warm soft waxy, but also enhance the elegant and gentle dressing style.Read more at: white formal dress uk | black prom dress

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