5 Natural Ways to Increase Energy
by DianaChaplin
 Holistic Health & Wellness
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We all sometimes wish that there could be more hours in the day to accomplish all the things we need and want. Unfortunately, since we can't do that, many often turn to stimulants like coffee and energy drinks for an instant boost of stamina to get us through the busy day.

While I'm not necessarily saying that coffee is bad for you (it has antioxidants which, when consumed in moderation, can actually have some beneficial effects on health), turning instead to more natural and balancing ways to enhance your energy will contribute to your overall state of health.

Consider for a moment the unwelcome chore of house-cleaning as an analogy to maintaining energy. Some people choose to do a little bit every day and keep their home consistently neat, while others delay the task of cleaning until it has become an insurmountable necessity and they must spend an entire afternoon miserably scrubbing at nasty, stubborn build-up. Similarly, maintaining natural energy-promoting practices for self-care on a regular basis can greatly improve hormonal balance, reduce stress, lead to stable mood and greater happiness, and decrease the likelihood of reaching a state of being ‘burned out’ or chronically fatigued.

Here are 5 natural ways to increase your energy:

1. Get enough sleep. Adequate sleep on a regular basis is scientifically proven to support a healthy immune system, contribute to mental clarity, and help you sustain energy throughout the day. Note that 8 hours seems to be the slumber length sweet spot, with too much leading to grogginess and feeling tired, and not enough leading to stress, poor health, and impaired cognitive ability. You might think that going to sleep early would decrease your productivity, but instead it recharges your battery so that you're refreshed and more energetic and productive during your waking hours. Totally worth it!

2. Eat real food. Eating fresh, wholesome food that is full of the nutrients your body needs doesn't just support physical health, it helps you feel good about life in general and keeps your energy level high. Why? Because it's ALIVE! Food that was recently growing in the ground still contains living enzymes that help break it down in your stomach. That means you don’t waste precious energy on digestion, and have more of it available for all the other awesome things you want to accomplish. On the other hand, eating food that has undergone significant processing and alteration with synthetic ingredints slows down your digestion, contributes to weight gain, and makes you feel sluggish, tired, and cranky.

3. Exercise regularly. Maintaining a fitness regime of physical activity 3-4 times a week (a long walk counts!) will keep your body full of happy energy-boosting endorphins and can even help fight fatigue in people who are chronically tired. Regular exercise will also help you sleep better, boost your mood, support a healthy brain and heart, and tone you all over. Physical activity that gets your heart rate up and the blood flowing is best for increasing overall energy, so go for a run, ride a bike, do some zumba, or sign up for aerobic classes at the gym.

4. Prioritize. Sure you want to excel at your job, be a model parent, take care of your mom, keep a perfect home, have a social life, and keep up with the news, but do you really need to do all those things all the time? No! Take a break, let it go, make time for yourself instead. Oftentimes, we sacrifice our own needs for the sake of others, without them necessarily putting any pressure on us to do so, due to perceived necessity. And even if the pressure is real, you’ll be surprised at how often it’s totally ok to procrastinate on certain things for the sake of self-preservation. Eliminate the non-essentials and you’ll find yourself with more energy to focus on the things that really matter.

5. Relax. It might be counterintuitive that one of the tips to increase your energy is to slow down but man does this work! If you just make a little time every day to do an activity that you enjoy, such as reading book, taking a bath, or working on your hobby, you can revitalize yourself immeasurably and discover that you become more efficient at your other tasks. For example when I’m stressed and exhausted, it might take me 3 hours to write a good article or blog post, but when I do something relaxing first for 30 minutes, it’ll take me about an hour to accomplish the same thing! So that’s 1.5 hours with relaxation vs. 3 hours of stress on top of stress. You do the math :)

Diana Chaplin is a Holistic Health Counselor and writer, you can check her out at www.livingbodywellness.com
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