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WATCH>%%%%% Watch Air Force Falcons vs Navy Midshipmen live streaming College football October 05, 2013 by dfga
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Hello & Welcome to watch NCAA College Football game between Air Force Falcons vs Navy Midshipmen : Live Streaming On Your Pc . Watch Live Football TV| NCAA Football 2013 Season WEEK-6 game Air Force Falcons vs Navy Midshipmen Live Online on your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile,Iphone, Ipad and other devi...
Walking Tour by Page3
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Walking Tour of Mount Olivet Cemetery focusing on the symbolism on monuments.  Tour led by David Gigler, Superintendent.  Saturday, October 5th from 1-3PM .  Learn about the symbolism used on monument design from 1850 - present.  Includes a handout and refreshments at the conclusion of the tour. ...
George Gibbons Jr. Way by Page3
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Please join Council Member Elizabeth Crowley, the Gibbons family and Maspeth residents to co-name 60th Drive in honor of George Gibbons. George Gibbons Jr. was a small business owner and community leader in Maspeth.  His tragic death brought our community together and helped shine the light on la...
Continental Avenue Annual Fall Spruce-Up by Page3
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Join neighbors and friends as we spruce up the tree pits along Continental Avenue & 71st Avenue in Forest Hills.  Saturday, Oct. 5th, 10am - 12pm  Rain or shine Volunteers will wee, dig, plant and mulch around the trees.  No experience necessary. Open to all ages. Tools and work gloves will be pr...
NY Criminal Defense Attorney Marianne Rantala: Texting Zones on New York Highways by cjleclaire
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Author: Marianne S. Rantala A decade ago, many Americans still did not own cell phones, and most of us had no idea that “text” could be a verb. These days, texting is practically our national pastime. We text message during class, while we eat, when we watch television, and even while we drive. S...
Alimony for Eggs? Broolyn Divorce and Family Law Blog post by cjleclaire
Sep 18, 2013 | 1 1 comments | 163 163 recommendations | email to a friend
If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may think you’ve heard and seen everything there is to know about dividing your assets. Well, think again! According to a New York Times  article , a New Jersey woman is asking her nearly-ex-husband to pay “$20,000 to cover her egg-freezing procedure, me...
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We have been inundated with noise from airplane arrivals to LaGuardia over our community as a result of the flight pattern.  They are too loud, too low and flying over too frequently!  We are uniting with a group from eastern Queens called Quiet Skies.  They, too, have been working on this proble...
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Sunday, Sept. 22nd 10AM - 3PM Knights of Columbus 69-60 Grand Avenue, Maspeth All eligible donors will receive a gift.  Sponsored by New York Hospital Queens - Blood Donor Center 718-670-1007 Co-Sponsored by KOC Maspeth & Toys for Tots
Quick and Easy Access: My Social Security Account! by cjleclaire
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9 MILLION .  That is the number of benefit verification letters the Social Security Administration (SSA) processed in the last year.  While they were processing, you were waiting…and waiting.  But the wait is finally over!  SSA has launched an online service called my Social Security account to e...
Supreme Court Ruling puts limits on employer liability in harassment cases by cjleclaire
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In Vance v. Ball State University, the Supreme Court considered the definition of supervisor to determine employers’ liability for workplace harassment .  At the heart of the case was the issue of whether a supervisor was an employee with authority to direct and oversee work or, an employee who h...