Shopaholic Hits a Wall
by MadameRaeRae
 Fabulously Broke
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So I should just say right now that I'm going on vacation Saturday to the Bahamas. To go on said vacay I spent my entire savings for a year and will be charging the rest. Who cares, I'll have a month to pay it all off. I need this. Obviously I can't just go away without buying stuff to go away with.

I'm probably not even going to wear real clothes for the entire week anyway but I have this idea in my head that I will be wearing this amazingly awesome dress and meet the man of my dreams. This man will secretly be insanely wealthy and we'll run away together to his castle in Scotland where we will live happily ever after. The end.

In order to meet insanely wealthy Scottish man with a castle I need fabulous clothes. So me and Mommy head over to Kohl's to do some serious shopping. I was really excited about this, I mean I couldn't wait. My credit card hasn't been swiped in over a month and I'm having some serious anxiety problems because of it.

Enter the land of disappointment. Listed below are the reasons why.

1. I was not impressed with the clothes

2. Nothing I tried on fit. It was like everything in the store was made for someone who had three rear-ends and boobs the size of watermelons. I'm not tiny, but I'm not ginormous either. Yes I just made up a word, deal.

3. Kohl's is a glorified Target. There I said it. Now at least at Target I can get some awesome T-shirts to wear, but here there was...nothing. My credit card was crying because he wasn't getting any action.

So I didn't buy anything which means I'm still itching to spend money...or pimp out my credit card to any store that will have him. Stupid Kohl's...we are not friends.

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