The Adventures of Super Mooch!
by MadameRaeRae
 Fabulously Broke
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There is one thing that helps with an empty wallet...a male friend who is willing to pay for you when you go somewhere. I know feminists all over the country are screaming in rage with their eyes bulging in disbelief, but I have one thing to say, when your wallet is as empty as mine is I'd let Stalin pay for my coffee and Italian Ice OKAY?

Originally the evening started out as me, Penny and Antoinette heading down to Isabella's for some Italian Ices. Then I get some random phone call from my friend Sabino, who I haven't seen in over a year, and he decides to meet up with us. So now we're all chatting and before I know it the girls are gone and me and Sabino are just hanging out. Penny had to leave because let's face it, she actually lives in the real world and wakes up for work in the morning while I get to sleep in until all hours of the day because I have a lame ass part time job.

For some reason all of my friends have amazing jobs where they make more than $10 an hour. These said friends also drive really sweet cars, Penny and her Caddy, Sabino and his BMW...I on the other hand still drive my beaten down Mitsubishi which as of late has been lacking in vocal cords (no horn and no car alarm beep) so I sometimes have no idea if I locked it or not...after it got broken into five months ago now I stick my ear really close to the door to make sure it locked, but even then I can't tell.

So friend numero dos with really sweet car Sabino decides that he wants another Italian Ice. "You want one Rae?" "No," I say, but I'm sure I'm pouting as sadly as a three year old who just dropped her ice cream. "You sure?" That's it, all he had to do was tempt me and I was out of that plastic chair like a bullet. Now he orders his ice and I order mine and as I'm reaching for my wallet he just randomly pays. Okay, so he never offered he just did it, what was I supposed to do, force the two bucks down his throat? Wasn't happening.

After our ices are consumed we're onto our next location. Omonia in Astoria. Now if you know anything about Astoria it costs five bucks for a cup of coffee. Not that I'm really complaining since I love the outdoor street cafe atmosphere but when you're charging your gas, you'd rather have dunkin donuts, just saying.

as a side note-the lights in Omonia make you hallucinate and feel like you're in an acid trip. Way too many colors.

Being the Italian girl that I am I order an iced cappucino. Right there it's an easy seven bucks with tip, but whatever I'm there. When we get the check I reach for my wallet and Bino goes "I got it." So now I say "What are you nuts?" and start to take out money. Sabino says no and I begin to go back at him. Yes, No, Yes, No. Like a boxing match over who is gonna pay the check.

You know when you're kind of hoping the other person will pay and you're just saying no for the sake of being polite? Yea well, I was doing that. I know there's lots of head shaking going on, but don't act like you've never done it before. I'm not ashamed. I'm broke. In the end Sabino paid the check. Hey, I offered to leave the tip but he wouldn't let me do that either. You know what? I don't even feel bad about it. I'm a mooch when desperate times call for it.

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