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 Fabulously Broke
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Lady Gaga makes us all Speechless
Lady Gaga makes us all Speechless

On tuesday afternoon I probably recieved the greatest text message of all time from my cousin Christina. It went a something like this "I have an extra ticket to Lady Gaga, do you wanna go?"

Now before I continue let me just say that I am completely obsessed with Lady Gaga, there can never be too much Gaga in my opinion. She will never be played out, will never be on TV too often and will never ever go out of style. I love her. I wish that I was her. She's a freak of nature and will never be forgotten. My children, if I ever decide to reproduce, will be screaming her name at Madison Square Garden one day.

In my euphoric glory with Gaga flashing before my eyes I send her back a text message that looks like this OMG OMG YES YES YES OMG! I forgot to ask one key much was the ticket. This is something I do often in my life. Something fabulous appears before my eyes, glittering and shimmering in the wind and I jump. However, this is my current situation, empty bank account credit card bill=broke.

My wonderful cousin of mine texts me back that the ticket is $190. What? Are you kidding? Honestly I thought I fainted but actually I'd just stopped walking so everything was okay. I thought about what I had just done to myself and took a deep breath. Okay, so either I get to see the greatest concert on earth or I don't. The greatest concert on earth it is. Hell, I'd sell my own kidney to see Lady Gaga perform..which is basically what I had to do.

I had to beg my parents. Now this might seem like the worst possible thing in the entire world that a 22 year old girl could do...but for Gaga I'd do anything, as stated above. The begging began at 10am with numerous phone calls to my mother, "But she's amazing." "I love you, Mommy." "It can be my birthday present." "I'll never have this opportunity again!" Finally when my father got gome at 6:30pm they caved and I was permitted to attend the concert.

The indignity of begging money off my parents was worth it! At one point she played piano upside down, during another song she wore a white fairy costume that moved. I'm not kidding! The headress and skirt opened and closed magically. The best and most amazing night of my life.

This weekend, party in AC...without cash...and I think I've begged enough for one week. Are you ready plastic?

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