One Reason a black man should not be a Muslim
by Drdamages
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Why You Should Not Become a Muslim


I know I should not tell anyone what to become. And I am not doing so here.


I am just disputing the argument of those who go about claming that they became Muslims because it is the religion of their forefathers in Africa.


In this article,


I made a case for black people to look very well before they jump. But what did I get for that effort, abuse. The attack was so fierce you will think I am one of those questioning the role the Nation of Islam played in the life and death of Michael Jackson.


Please read for yourself and let me know if you agree or disagree.


Thank you.

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July 12, 2010
pretty stupid if you ask me, no one is forced into a religon. If you were born and raise in a Muslim household doesnt mean you can't convert to any religon. You are discouraging black men to be muslim becaues so it will make them look well? Youve got it all wrong my friend. When poor black communities learn to respect one another instead of playing with guns and killing then you'll look better. your makin a fool out of yourself religon has nothing to do with race. Obviously we got a Jews running the media. Go figure.