These 4 styles are recommended when buying pants in autumn
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Perhaps a lot of people like to use skirt outfit to undertake romance after all, but on practical versatile and warm, still trousers outfit is superior from beginning to end, can combine a variety of jacket already to realize "one pants is worn more", can make a clean and efficient dressing effect again, avoid to wear bloated drag.

However, autumn trouser suits have many styles, so if middle-aged women want to wear elegant fashion and look slim, they must choose the right pants. This time to share a group of trousers collocation, women regardless of women regardless of money, autumn buy pants recommended to choose these 4, practical slim and senior, let's have a look!

One, small white pants

Small white pants is clean and relaxed and versatile, get the welcome of middle-aged woman all the time, be in autumn especially, worry to dress bloated and depressing, so two small white pants must be prepared in almirah.

On the one hand, white is the advanced color that regards public as acknowledged, autumn wears build to be able to foil the atmosphere feeling that gives clean and elegant, suit to use very much to promote modelling brightness, lightsome feeling and tender breath, the woman is older, can explain the simple sense of small white pants itself more instead come out.

Like white pipe pants, white straight jeans or white knit pants, are very friendly to middle-aged women, which can not only modify the line of the leg, but also enhance the temperament.

However, it should be noted that the small white pants have requirements on the material of pants. It is recommended that middle-aged women, within the scope of economic capacity, give priority to the style with more advanced texture and flat drapery. The color should also be light and slow, and the brightness should not be too high.

In terms of matching, white pants can be combined with many pieces of clothing, such as a trench coat, suit, sweater or sweater, the best color of the top from oatmeal, light gray, black or earth color.

Blue jeans

As they get older, many people are more interested in the practicality of a single item. They are more likely to favor classic trouser suits that are simple and easy to wear, such as blue jeans.

Blue jeans are versatile items that can be worn on any occasion without looking too ugly. The strong and unique denim material can also add a fresh and stylish feel to your outfit.

If you're not sure what to wear down to a striped shirt, sweater, suit, shirt or trench coat, add a pair of jeans for a crisp, stylish fall look.

Need to notice two points nevertheless, model of pants of the first jeans should make a choice according to figure, the pear figure that resembles leg thick crotch wide is about to avoid the tight pants that bad control, give priority to straight tube pants, conical pants. Slim figure, might as well use blue jeans pants to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

The best length of jeans is around the ankle, with a nine-point design that reveals the ankle for long and stylish legs.

Three, earth color nine - cent pants

The woman that can dress truly, no matter rich do not have money, can have the aid of sheet taste design and colour apply will make good dress taste, resemble in autumn, advocate sedate and intellectual earth color is, promote dress class more easily.

Choosing such a pair of earth color pants can not only create a warm texture dressing effect, but also echo with the season, making the overall dress more atmospheric.

Like coffee, light khaki, brown or olive green, high-waisted nine-point pants are paired with tapered or smoke hose styles for a crisp, structured look that shows off the length of the legs.

Four, small black pants

If autumn can only choose a trouser suit, so I believe that a lot of people will consider small black pants, composed black with simple design, so that it becomes a competent, agile and practical pronoun of senior.

Compared to other bottoms, the biggest benefit of wearing black pants in autumn is that they can add poise to your look, making it more textured for work and out on the street.

And the black department has a visual slimming effect, which can effectively modify the leg type and show the leg thin, like black high-waist nine-minute smoke pants or black high-waist nine-minute tapered pants, which are very suitable for middle-aged women.

On collocation, the ubiquitous sex that small black pants place has, also provided more extensive wear to build leeway for middle-aged woman, can model a variety of styles completely through adjusting jacket design.

In the workplace, it is recommended to wear a shirt, suit or trench coat with black pipe trousers, while in daily life, it is recommended to wear a sweater, small fragrance cardigan or work style jacket with black cropped trousers.

Small black pants are usually made of suits or jeans. The former is suitable for creating a sophisticated and stable work style, while the latter is more suitable for daily casual occasions.

If you want to wear a casual and modern style, then try black leather pants, which are stylish but recognizable.Read more at: formal dresses online | brisbane formal dresses

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