Pollution by attorney's all over the place by godfather
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Pollution by attorney's all over the place
by godfather
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Is business so bad that the attorneys have to constantly write articles to hopefully attain new clients to make a living?

It is like the Garbage we hear every night on the news about Trump.

Bring back the old days.

Today, plenty of lies, Divorces, Law suits, discrimination, cover ups, a bunch of Republicans acting and following Trump like THE WALKING DEAD.

Doesn't anyone see the seriousness of what has been going on with Russia and Trump? Dismantling our Democracy, our people, our system of justice, dividing our nation, hurting the middle class and the poor.

Health care/Tax Reform/ and Trump supporters acting like they are following a Cult leader.

ok now you attorneys can start over again and write your boring stories instead of chasing ambulances.


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